Loving, 50 Years and Counting

It’s 10 o’clock at night, and I’m sitting in a vegan restaurant in midtown Manhattan with my multiracial posse, having just come from a panel discussion on racial identity and the mixed-race experience in America. It’s a topic we’ve been mulling over – well, for all of our lives.  Continue reading


Welcome from an Open Salon Expatriate

Welcome to the new home of Elliott-isms, now that Open Salon has gone belly-up. That’s right,  as of March 2015, the blogging community that Salon.com created was shut down by the parent company. Here’s to new beginnings on WordPress! You’ll find some of my more popular essays from Open Salon reposted here, with more writings to come in 2015 and beyond. More about me on my main website, www.lewisfreelance.com.