Five More Pick-Up Lines for Recent Law School Graduates

A follow-up to my list of Top 10 Law Student Pick-Up Lines, written when I was still a first-year law student…

Five More Pick-up Lines for Recent Law School Graduates 

5. “Hey baby, wha’ do you say we pierce the corporate veil?”

4. “I’d like to explore your character and fitness.”

3. “If I gave you sufficient contact, could I gain personal jurisdiction?”

2. “I’ve got a front-loaded tender offer just for you.”

And the #1 Pick-up Line for Recent Law School Graduates…

1. “You know, I was on the trial team. Wanna bang my gavel?”

Elliott Lewis is a licensed attorney, author, and media professional. This essay was originally posted on Open Salon in February 2014.  Visit Elliott’s website at


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